the best shower curtain hooks

What are the best shower curtain hooks? These questions are often asked of us. So this article will discuss the best shower curtain hooks.

We think that a rust-resistant shower curtain hook is the best choice for a curtain hook, using a material that is resistant to rust will last longer. There are several kinds of materials that are resistant to rust including.

  • Aluminum curtain hooks

    Aluminum material can be an alternative to a curtain hook because it is resistant to rust.
  • Plastic curtain hooks

    For curtain hooks with a plastic material that is resistant to rust, it is necessary to consider its strength. Due to the nature of this material which is easily broken, you have to be really careful in choosing it.
  • Stainless steel curtain hooks

    Stainless steel is a very good choice for curtain hooks, besides being rust-resistant, it has good strength.

Of the three materials, in our opinion, the best is stainless steel because its strength and design look more luxurious. For plastic material, it is necessary to consider its strength for a long period of time.

stainless steel curtain hooks

Apart from the material for determining a good bathroom curtain hook, we can consider it from the design side because it has a very strong effect on the interior of your bathroom. Minimalist designer bathroom curtain hooks don’t feel right if we use them in a bathroom that has a luxurious interior.

How can I make my shower curtain slide better?

Another thing to consider in choosing a shower curtain hook is that the curtain hook should be able to make the curtain slide well. The curtain hook design that uses round wheels seems to be a more appropriate choice to make the curtain easy to open.

How can I make my shower curtain slide better?

After we get a good curtain hook for the bathroom, it is necessary to pay attention to how to install it. Try to keep the curtain supports straight horizontally because if it is not straight, it will cause the curtain to fall in a lower direction.

Thus our review of the best shower curtain hooks, hopefully, what we write can serve as a guide for you in determining the right type of shower curtain hook for your bathroom. See you in our other articles.

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