Review Genteele Bath Mat Non Slip

This time we will review a Genteele Bath Mat Non Slip product, this product is quite interesting to review because quite a lot of people are looking for information about this one product.

Product Advantages of Genteele Bath Mat

This bathroom mat uses Velvet, Memory Foam with many color choices including gray, red, blue, pink, white, purple, black, green and many more color choices provided.

In addition to the many color choices, Genteele also makes a large selection of sizes that we can choose according to our needs and desires.
It gives us more options to make our bathroom decoration more attractive and beautiful.
They provide a choice of bath mat sizes 17 “x 24”, 20 “x 32”, 22 “x 36”, 22 “x 42”, 24 “x 48”, 60 “x 17”, 60 “x 24”, 72 “x 24” is pretty much a choice of sizes.

Genteele Bath Mat Non Slip

With polyurethane memory foam material and on the outside using coral velvet microfibre make this product very comfortable and very soft. The first impression to see this product looks luxurious.

Rarely do we get out of the bath or shower to feel comfortable on the mat. With this product we can do this, because the thickness of this bath mat makes us feel comfortable.

To clean this mat, we need to pay attention not to use chlorine or bleach, just use ordinary detergent with cold water so that the color remains nice and bright for years. What makes us quite impressed with this Genteele bath mat product is that it can be easily dried, just wind it or dry it using a washing machine.

When washing this mat in the washing machine, you should use the gentle mode setting.

What is quite interesting when we put this product beside the bath, in front of the bathroom or in front of the sink can give a beautiful feel to the environment around the mat.

One more thing that gives us the most confidence about this product, Genteele provides a lifetime warranty if we are not satisfied with their product. We can contact them via at any time for a refund or exchange for another product which is in better condition.

For Genteele product prices, this bath mat varies from $ 29.99 – $ 40.99 depending on the size we choose, quite affordable with the quality and materials used.

Lack of Genteele Bath Mat Products

This product is quite good, but there are some drawbacks that we found from Genteele products from our experience of using it, we experienced damage when washing using the washing machine on hard mode so it is necessary to pay attention when washing using the washing machine. When drying the mat, it must also be completely dry, otherwise we can make it slip.

Our Conclusions

After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of this Genteele bath mat non slip product, we conclude that this product is good enough for us to place in our homes, especially in the bathroom, to beautify our home decor.

Hopefully this review can help you decide whether to buy this product or not. If you want to see our other reviews of Bath Rugs products please surf our website.

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