Review Airexpect Vanity Mirror

On this occasion we will review a vanity mirror product with 3 color lights under the AirExpect brand which is offered at a price of $ 34.99 which is quite cheap and affordable for a product like this.

Airexpect Mackup Mirror Review

This product has a pretty decent feature for a mirror backup, here are the features in this mirror

  • Using as many as 72 LED strips that have passed the UL test so that they are safe for the eyes from the strong light of the LED light. With a large number of lights on the right and left, it is possible to illuminate your entire face.
  • There is a choice of lighting modes, when you are outdoors you can use warm mode which has 97{ccdfec8d5c75c3ca1b6bc6a9afc57be6c019235522f04ec0a300a8b5bd954f05} similarity to sunlight. If you are indoors, being able to use cool mode will help you make a good makeup.
  • There is an adjustment of the brightness of the lamp by pressing the touch button located on the mirror.
  • This dressing mirror design can be folded into 3 parts, thus saving storage space.
  • To set the most comfortable position this mirror can also be rotated 90 °.
  • This one makeup mirror is vacuum coated to form an accurate reflection without color and ambiguity.
  • For the power supply itself, this mirror supports the use of 4 x AA batteries and a micro USB battery.
  • There are white, black, and pink color choices so it is suitable for women of all ages.

The advantages of AirExpect vanity mirror with lights

The size of this mirror is 13 x 7.6 x 3 inches, weighing 2.2 pounds. It fits perfectly on our dressing table, when this mirror is closed it has a leather-like design so that when it is on the table it looks luxurious.

There are several types of mirrors in it, so we can choose which mirror we will use when applying our makeup. If you want to see more details about your face, you can use a mirror that has a magnification of 2x or 3x.

For the lighting in the mirror, there is no need to doubt, with 72 LEDs surrounding the mirror, making the lighting very bright in front of the mirror so that our faces can be seen clearly in front of the mirror, but our eyes do not feel sick from the bright light.

Airexpect Vanity Mirror

This mirror is very easily positioned to follow us, simply by rotating the position of the mirror.

Those are some of the advantages that we can find in this mirror.

Lack of AirExpect vanity mirror with lights

There are some drawbacks that we see from this makeup mirror, here are some of the deficiencies that we found in this one product

The power cable seems not long enough, so if we do make-up using a micro USB power supply, we have to be close to the power source.

The magnifying glass is too small and only on one side of the fold, so we have to be careful when using magnification.

For the durability of the lamp, we found that some customers complained that after several months of use, the lamp was no longer bright as it was when this product came, even though it was already using a new battery.

Thus our review of mirror backup products with the AirExpect brand, hopefully this can help you make the decision to buy this product or not. If you want to find reviews about bathroom accessories, especially about other bathroom mirror products, you can find them on this website.

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