Review aike ak2630s Hand Dryer

For those of you who are looking for a hand dryer, this time we will review a product AIKE AK2630S Automatic High-Speed ​​Hand Dryer. This product is produced by AIKE, a company that has 25 years of experience in the field of hand hygiene.

They see the big picture down to the smallest detail for a hand dryer, so they can make the perfect product.

Specification AK2630S Compact High Speed Hand Dryer

Voltage: 100-130V

Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ

Input: 1400W-1650W

Air Velocity: 105 m/s

Sensing Range: 3-5 inch

Drying efficiency: 10-15 seconds

Waterproof grade: IPX1

Air temperature: 68-104°F/20-40°C

Operate at 72 dB+ – (decibels) using a brush motor

Spesific aike ak2630s

Seeing the specifications of this AIKE AK2630S product, you must prepare a mains voltage of 100V-130V with an input power of 1400W-1650W. If the electricity in your house is below that, you should upgrade it first so that this tool works properly.

The cable used to connect the appliance to the mains cannot be removed directly, if you need a cable longer than 67 inches you must make an electrical connection.

This hand dryer has automatic technology that will work if there are objects with a distance of 110-130mm under this tool, the automatic detection is far enough.

Hand Dryer aike ak2630s review

The airflow produced by this tool is quite a lot of 100.8 m³ / hr with a temperature of 20-40°C which is more than enough to dry your hands quickly. With such capabilities we think this product can dry our hands in 10-15 seconds.

Seeing the construction of the materials used in this product using Polycarbonate ABS allows this product to have durable strength and corrosion resistance.

What if this product has a cart or damage?

This question often arises, AIKE provides a 2-year factory warranty so you don’t need to worry if you experience damage while it’s still within the warranty period. If the product ages from the time you purchased the product until the time it was damaged, you can directly contact AIKE to arrange a warranty.

We saw that we only saw the shortcomings of the AIKE AK2630S Automatic High Speed ​​Hand Dryer, like most electronic products, we can claim the warranty to replace or make repairs.

That is our review of the hand dryer product from AIKE with the AK2630S series, hopefully, what we have to say can help you make decisions in shopping for Bathroom Accesories products, especially hand dryers.

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