How many hooks do you need for a shower curtain

To install the shower curtain we have to use a hook. Then how many hooks do you need for a shower curtain? this question that always arises among all of us.

The number of shower curtain hooks really depends on the width of the shower curtain that we have. Most shower curtains have holes with a distance of 5 – 6 inches from this distance, we can do calculations to find out how many holes there are in the shower curtain.

We take for example the distance of the bathroom wall that will be installed with a 70-inch shower curtain, then we need a shower curtain that has a minimum width of 70 inches, not less than that so that it is closed perfectly.

The distance of the shower curtain hook hole

Most shower curtains sold with sizes over 70 inches are 72, 85, 108, 168, and 180 inches. So if our bathroom wall distance is 70 inches using a shower curtain with a size of 72 inches is enough. After we know the width of the shower curtain, we just divide it by 6 inches, then we will get the number of hook holes.

To make it easier for you, here I am making data on the number of holes from several sizes of the shower curtain.

  • Shower curtain 38×72 has 7 holes
  • Shower curtain 48×72 has 8 holes
  • Shower curtain 60×76 has 10 holes
  • Shower curtain 60×84 has 10 holes
  • Shower curtain 68×72 has 12 holes
  • Shower curtain 72×72 has 12 holes
  • Shower curtain 72×84 has 12 holes
  • Shower curtain 84×72 has 14 holes
  • Shower curtain 108×70 has 24 holes
  • Shower curtain 168×70 has 36 holes
  • Shower curtain 180×70 has 36 holes

So now you can find out how many hooks you need to install your shower curtain in the bathroom. By knowing the approximate number of hooks that we will use can be wiser in shopping for shower curtain hooks so that you don’t have too much leftover.

So our article on how many hooks do you need for a shower curtain, hopefully, can help in determining the number of hooks you will buy to install your shower curtain.

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