The bathroom must be a comfortable and harmless place for us, on this occasion we will review the Secopad Non Slip Bathtub Sticker product. This product caught our attention enough, a sticker that can be affixed to the bottom of the bath or bathroom floor gives a non-slip effect.

Review Secopad Non Slip Stiker Bathtub

The Secopad sticker comes with a special glue so that it can easily stick to the surface of the bath. On the top of the sticker there are many small bumps that can increase friction with our feet. This design also allows water to flow freely thereby reducing the accumulation of soapy water.

The adhesion of the Secopad Non Slip Bathtub Sticker is very strong on smooth surfaces such as the bottom of a bathtub, so it can provide protection for children, parents and ourselves from slipping in the bathroom.

In addition to the bottom of the tub, we can also put these stickers on the bathroom floor, stairs, even at the bottom of the swimming pool.

In one product box, there are 24 stickers with a diameter of 3.15 inches. The colors available are black, white, blue, pink, gray and transparent. There are also several kinds of design forms, some are in the form of flowers so that they can also be used to decorate our bathroom.

color secopad non slip stiker

The advantages of Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers

This product can prevent us, children and the elderly from slipping on the bathtub or bathroom floor. The adhesion is also quite strong and durable.

To remove this sticker is also quite easy, enough with the tools available in one purchase package we can easily remove

When this sticker is removed it leaves no residue and is non-toxic, so it is very safe and comfortable.

Disadvantages of Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers

When you first install it, a slight smell appears from this sticker, it looks like the smell comes from the sticker glue.

Thus our review of the Secopad Bathtub Sticker product, hopefully it can give you an idea of ​​this product, so that you can make the decision to buy this product or not.

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Review Secopad Non Slip Stiker Bathtub

Review Secopad Non-Slip Bathtub Stikers

Secopad Bathtub Stikers can provide security for us and our families from slipping in the bathroom. This product works like a doormat but is lighter and easier to care for, simply stick it in the bath.

Although this product is good enough to protect us from slipping in the bathroom, you still have to be careful when in the bathroom. Because after all this product also has shortcomings and tolerance limits to resist friction so as not to slip.

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